Lemonade Party

Nothing says summer like sweet lemonade. Our Lemonade Bash Box collection was used to decorate this party. What an adorable birthday party for a little girl! All it takes are a few simple and inexpensive touches to bring this table setting to life.

A bright yellow cake really pops off the hot pink table cloth and its a great center point. It’s always nice to add some flowers to bring all the colors together as well.

The pink bags were super easy. We just filled them with yummy goodies and stapled shut with a cut out lemon. You can download and print our free lemon cut outs as you wish to use them.

Of course you cannot have a lemonade party with out lemonade. Just wrap a box up in matching wrapping paper and prop up the lemonade jar for pouring. Then all you need is your matching cups and cute straws in a mason jar.

Finally you have to add your little one’s favorite treats. We’ve mixed up a kid friendly princess mix by using Princess Goldfish (yes they are pink), marshmallows, and Golden Grahams. Mix together and allow your guest to scoop away with a matching snack cup of course. There you have it, a cute and simple lemonade party!

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