Limequila Shots

It’s National Tequila Day! What a better way to end the day, I mean it is a national holiday so I’m pretty sure we are required to celebrate, right?! So for this special day I thought we’d share a cool way to serve up a good looking tequila shot…..a Limequila! It’s a pretty simple way to serve a tequila shot in a lime. All you need is a few limes, salt (optional), and your favorite tequila.

Start out by cutting the bottoms off the limes (this will ensure the limes will not roll all over the place). Careful not to cut too deep or you’ll make a hole and tequila will go everywhere. Who wants to waste good tequila, am I right?

Then you want to cut all the limes in half. We want to get rid of the middle and all that pulp, so begin to cut around the edge of the inside.

The inside pulp can be a little fidgety. I work my thumb around the lime to detach the pulp from the skin. This will help to scoop out the insides.

With your best efforts scoop out the inner pulp of the lime. Try to get as much out as possible. If you can’t get it all out don’t worry just push down the remaining skin as flat as you can.

Now my favorite part…..plating & pouring. I like to use himalayan salt as a nice garnish for the plate. It adds some great color and makes the limes pop. Use your favorite tequila (I love me some Patron) and pour into each lime. Make sure you have tested out each lime before pouring your tequila in, you don’t want tequila running all over your plate.

Serve up these Limequilas at a dinner party, birthday, or a BBQ either way you will definitely be the hostess with the mostess.


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