“Love Muffin” Valentine’s Printable

Who doesn’t love muffins?! Valentine’s day is just around the corner and its time for love and treats…..or the love of treats. We’ve got a simple yet adorable Valentine’s day printable that is great for those classroom goodies, teachers, friends, or a sweet surprise for your hubby. We are featuring our adorable “Love Muffin” Valentine’s printable. You know whats awesome……..its FREE!

Download your FREE “Love Muffin” Valentine’s Day Printable

Print out our “Love Muffin” Valentine’s day topper (3 toppers per sheet). You may need to print more than one sheet if your making this for a classroom. Regular printer paper will work just fine for this project. Pick your favorite muffin, I choose chocolate chip mini muffins but one large delicious muffin of your choice will be just as good.

You don’t need much to make these, most of which are items that are usually hanging around the house. All you need is:

For the bags I used a clear cellophane treat bags, a ziplock bag will do the trick. Fill with the muffins or muffin making sure to leave some room at the top for the “Love Muffin” Valentine’s day toppers. Once everything is filled and cutout then fold and staple.

There you have it a cute, simple, and super affordable sweet Valentine’s day treat!

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