Halloween Decoration Ideas

I am obsessed with Halloween! I love the fun and scary vibe of the whole holiday. Im always looking for great ideas on how to decorate my house indoors and out. Here are some spooktacular halloween decorations that you can use this Halloween to wow your neighbors. Below is witches legs coming out of a cauldron. These legs are made from pool noodles and I just covered them in black and white stockings, you can get these at any halloween store. Filled the cauldron with dirt and put a pair of black boots on them. Add a few finishing touches with a skeleton kitty and pumpkins.

You can’t go with out a scary grave yard in your front yard. Lined with a skeleton bone fence for an extra creepy feel. Add some bones and skeleton remains for the final touch.

Don’t forget to decorate your mantel or counter tops. I love this bleeding candle stick. Just get a red candle (lit) and let the red candle wax drip on the white one. Gives a really cool effect.

You have to add the spiders of course. Tarantulas climbing all over the place…yikes!

So really all you need are some scary looking branches, candles, crows, baby pumpkins, black cheese cloth, spiders, and a few scary pictures of some relatives. This is just an idea of course you can add your own scary decor to make it your own Halloween master piece.

Now that we have decorated the inside lets step outside and see what we can do there. I tend to go for scary not so much cute. I like to add skulls and some chains for effect. Traditional black, white, and orange colors. Get a few hay stacks and some pumpkins of all sizes and stager them about. Don’t be affair to paint them as well.

I wanted to bring the theme together by painting this pumpkin black and white. It matched the stockings on the witch. We just added some twigs and branches from a near by tree and put scarecrows on them. By the pumpkin I put some skeleton birds to go with it all.

Now this is my fav! This big hairy spider stretches at least 3ft wide. I made it look like its coming down from its web. The additional web and spider sac exploding with baby spiders is so much fun. I just wrapped a bunch of fake spider webs around a balloon and stuck spiders to it. Super easy.

Close up of the giant creepy spider and her offspring.

Add of course what good is all these super scary outdoor Halloween decorations without a fun and spooky black light illuminating it all.

Happy Halloween!

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