Strawberry Milk Shake for Your Sweetie

Love is in the air! What a simple sweet gesture to surprise your Valentine with a delicious creamy strawberry milk shake. You can serve these shakes with their favorite treats. Now thats a perfect way to say “Happy Valentines Day!”. You don’t have a Valentine? Who cares, whip this delicious recipe up and cheers to yourself. The greatest thing about this recipe…….it’s only three ingredients!

To make these strawberry milk shakes you will need a blender and the ingredients of course.


  • 10 Strawberries chopped into chunks

  • 3 to 4 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

  • 1/2 Cup of Whole Milk (this can vary depending on how thick you like your shakes)


Add the chopped strawberries, scoops of vanilla ice cream, and whole milk to the blender. Now blend to your hearts desire. Add more milk if you do not like a thicker shake.

What?! Thats it?! We told you it was easy and only three ingredients.

So voila you have yourself a wonderful and delicious way to say Happy Valentines Day to your special sweetie…….enjoy!

p.s. Indulge my friends

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